Body weight training: Which equipment to choose?

Many athletes are currently embarking on a “do it yourself” approach. This method consists in programming your own training, and using as much as possible the equipment available at home. Weight training is no exception. By freeing yourself from fixed schedules, transport times and teachers or coaches, you gain in autonomy, flexibility, and of course the portfolio is also relieved.

But does this method have the same good results as those obtained in a room? Can we take control of ourselves from A to Z and feel the same benefits as with a personalized follow-up?

How to build muscle at home?

Anyone looking to work out at home should first and foremost try to define their approach. There are of course the classics: pumps, squats or abdominal muscles. But after these few exercises that everyone knows, it is good to be able to work the whole body. For this purpose, several methods exist, which have already proved their worth.

The Lafay method: weight training without equipment

Developed by Olivier Lafay, this set of 110 exercises is practiced only with the weight of the body, and some everyday objects that are easily found at home (a chair for example). The principle is simple: your own body will be used as a dumbbell. The different positions proposed will then put your muscles and body in opposition. No need for equipment, since in the end, you are the weight.

The method is divided into 4 volumes. Two for men, a third one specially adapted to the female morphology. A fourth volume, complementary, is oriented towards nutrition.

Weight training applications on smartphones

It is now quite easy to find ready-made methods completely adapted to your level on smartphone applications. A simple search in the Play Store for Google or the App Store for Apple will provide you with a list provided. It is then up to you to find the one that suits you best among all the ones on offer. The implementations are often progressive and adapt to your level, availability and objectives.

The limits of weight training without equipment

Beyond the classic exercises, an effective weight training session requires some accessories. Some methods are sometimes DIY and can be dangerous (unstable installation, improper movements, etc.).

If you want to have visible results, you will need to use adapted weight training equipment to be able to work your muscles in depth.

The main motivation for athletes who choose to do without equipment is the budget. A widespread misconception is that it is difficult to find versatile and cheap weight training equipment. That is not true.

What exercises should you do to build up your body weight?

If you have chosen body weight, well done! That’s a great idea. Here is a brief overview of the tools that can make it easy for you to do weight training at home.

Roman chairs and multi-function stations

It is a multi-function pull bar. With its integrated foot, there is no need to damage its walls or doors… Ideal for strengthening pectoral muscles, triceps or shoulders.

Our various equipment allows us to perform pulls, dips and even pumps from the base. Not to mention the many exercises that strain the abdominal belt.

If you have a space problem, the Pullup Fitness® is for you. By mounting in two minutes, you have a complete tool at your disposal which, once dismantled, can be easily stored.

The wall-mounted drawbar

The combination of drawbar and Roman chair makes this tool a complete and compact ally. Back, shoulders, legs, knees, you will be able to develop a multitude of abilities in an ultra limited space. It is even possible to attach a punching bag for cross training.

The Power Tower with integrated bench

It is in fact the crossing of a weight bench and a Roman chair. With this weight training accessory, you have before you an almost unlimited range of exercises. Crunchs, military developed dips, lying developed, pulls, slits, dumbbells, leg lifts. This is a summary of what can be achieved with this single bench. Also foldable, it knows how to be discreet when not in use.

With a weight bench, it is easy to practice the bench press, or even rowling with dumbbells. Can be used flat or inclined, many other exercises are possible, in order to work other muscle groups. Its minimum space requirement once folded makes it a perfect friend for small spaces.

All these exercises can of course be used in addition to the methods mentioned above. You can then combine the two (theoretical method and practical tool) in order to refine your approach as much as possible, and ultimately make the program that suits you.

What about the benefits of home weight training?

They are exactly the same as in the weight room. Whether you pull on your bar at home or in a gym with a membership, it’s exactly the same muscles that work. There is therefore no difference in terms of the result. Only the implementation of the latter will change.

So it’s up to you to know if you prefer to stay warm at home to do your exercises, or if you prefer to take the car out and cram into rooms that are often crowded and overheated. The last advantage at home is that you are out of sight and there is no form of judgment. You are the only master on board.

Home weight training is therefore almost limitless. The body being a formidable machine, it can become an equally amazing tool, as long as you know how to do it. And that we give him a little help with some very simple and accessible tools. Once you have chosen your method and tools, you are the one with your body in hand. It is therefore up to you to play and impose on you the constancy in the effort that makes it pay off one day in any case. Just keep one thing in mind: it’s YOUR body, and YOUR goals. If you have chosen home weight training, it is also for this reason. Do as you wish.